Excursions to the «Stolby» nature reserve
Duration is 4-10 hours depending on the chosen option

The nature reserve «Stolby» is a special pride of Krasnoyarsk citizens and a business card of our city! Following the results of all -Russian poll, this park won the title the   «Eighth Wonder of the World».  Rocks are so fantastic here and differ from each other so that you will never mess them and instantly recognize some of them on cards and photos. Looking at these rocks, one people think of themselves and their place in this world, others understand what Nature is and that it should be protected. And many people want just to win the mountain top!
There are 8 various excursion tours to the nature reserve and all of them include walking as it is a territory, closed for vehicles. You will have a chance to touch a miracle of which only the nature is capable! You will get acquainted with a surprising social phenomenon – «stolbizm», its history, basic concepts and codes. You will «plunge» into another life and will enjoy the freshness of the wood and mountain air.
 Tour options:
•    «Stolby - the eighth world wonder» (a walking( 3-4-hour) tour with  cable car rise to an observation platform, through the rocky massif Takmak to  the funpark «Bobrobyi Log»);
•     «The planet treasures on Krasnoyarsk coast» (both bus and walking (4-5 hour) tour through the most beautiful parts of the reserve);
•    «The business card of Krasnoyarsk» (a walking  ( 6-7 hour) tour to the reserve  with climbing  «Lion's gates» rock  and the «Fourth column»);
•    «A fairy tale in our hands» (a walking ( 7-8 hour) tour with cable car rise to an observation platform followed by walk  to the central Stolby area  along Kashtakovsky path );
•    «Krasnoyarsk - is our «Stolby the Giants» (a walking ( 9-10 hour) tour through the Takmak area followed by a pedestrian rise to the observation platform and then, along  Kashtakovsky path  to the central group of rocks of the reserve);
•    «Along  Kuysumsky rocks» (a walking( 4-5  hour) tour to the  rocks  named «Chinese Wall» and «Yermak»);
•    «The Siberian rock-garden» (a walking( 4-5 hour) tour to the rock «Takmak» with cable car  descending  to funpark «Bobrobyi Log»)
•    «In the region of fantastic rocks» (a walking (8-9 hour) tour across the territory of «Stolby» with the visit of «Mansky wall» and «Mansky woman» rocks).


Sightseeing tours round Krasnoyarsk 
Duration is 2-4 hours 

There are 4 various sightseeing tours around the city during which you will see historical and modern parts of Krasnoyarsk. You will also get acquainted with the most interesting pages of history of Krasnoyarsk and of outstanding Krasnoyarsk citizens that we are proud of.
Tour options:
«From a jail into a megalopolis» (2-hour bus excursion round the center of Krasnoyarsk);
«The city of hills with a red colour clay slope» (3-hour bus excursion round Krasnoyarsk);
«Krasnoyarsk is a city of the Yenisei River» (3-hour bus excursion round Krasnoyarsk with a visit of an observation platform «Tsar-Fish»);
«The city is amicable with the Yenisei» (4-hour bus excursion round Krasnoyarsk with a visit of an observation platform «Tsar-Fish»).

Sightseeing tours across Krasnoyarsk with the visit of an observation platform «Tsar- Fish» and Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station
Duration is 4-6 hours 

These excursions will acquaint you with the most significant events of the city and of the country, with outstanding people and with grandiose constructions of human hands. The whole  part of  these excursions is devoted to the  visit of «a power pearl», one of the largest hydroelectric power stations of the world - the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station representing force and power of  the Yenisei giving  energy to people. Being on the observation platform you will enjoy the picturesque views of the Yenisei and the surrounding Siberian nature. The excursions include a visit to the homeland of the writer V.P. Astafyev.
Tour options:
«City of the sun and grey-haired rains» (4-hour bus excursion);
«Only the witness Yenisei remembers everything» (5 -hour bus excursion);
«A big Siberian city» (6- hour bus excursion).

Excursion to a volcano «Black Hill». Duration is 4-5 hours.

You are supposed to get to the area either by train or by bus, and then you will walk up the Black hill and learn a lot of interesting things about the sleeping volcano and Zykovo settlement.

Excursions through the caves. Duration is 4-10 hours. 

«A Travel to a «Taiga vault» (a walking, one day tour through the «Partisan» cave);
«Speleologists'path» (a walking 4-hour tour through the cave «Karaulnaya»);
«Speleologists'path» (a walking 6 -hour tour through the cave «Karaulnaya»).

You can ask for any information about excursions in the hotel business center or by phone (391) 274-94-21, e-mail: info@hotelkrs.ru