About Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk is a developed and modern city with an interesting history and architecture. Founded in 1628, Krasnoyarsk has turned into one of the largest ancient cities of Siberia with the population 1 035 528 people. (2014)

The city looks especially beautiful and charming due to surrounding nature: East Sayan Mountains spurs, the Yenisei river, the Karaulnaya mountain with Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel and  the Nikolaev hill.
The picture is really worth seeing!

Welcome to Krasnoyarsk and enjoy its samples of architecture, unique nature and Siberian hospitality!

Welcome to Siberia! Welcome to Krasnoyarsk!

About 200 photos of Krasnoyarsk taken from the most unusual points are submitted in an album «Krasnoyarsk» which is available according to the link. It includes photos practically of all places of interest in Krasnoyarsk taken from the roofs of the highest buildings and by helicopter. Among them - Theatre Square, the railway station, city bridges, Peace Square, the nature reserve park «Stolby» and many others.
We would be happy to organize for you a sightseeing tour round Krasnoyarsk and its surroundings!