Big important visit

01.07.2016 г.

Senior administrator, Galina Popach about the big important visit of Parasiberiade-2016 contestants. Proposal of accommodation more than 100 athletes with special needs, including 43 in a wheelchair came at the end of May. Organizing committee representative put forward a number of demands that we had to answer. We haven’t hosted such a large number of people moving on wheelchairs before. Accordingly, all the Hotel “Krasnoyarsk” services were involved in getting ready for our guests.
Together with the representative of the Krasnoyarsk regional organization of All Russia Society of Disabled we measured doorways, determined where to install additional ramps, discussed issues relating to guests residence, daily arrival and departure, meals.
The Production and Technical Department promptly developed, made and installed wheelchair ramps. The Security Service employees have been instructed on assistance with the arrival of people in wheelchairs, their movement in doors. In addition, especially between floors we opened freight elevator for easy movement. Hotel Made Service and the Porters have completely changed the furniture lineup, they removed all unnecessary that would prevent to navigate in a wheelchair. They also took away furniture in the Hotel’s lobby. We prepared the Banquet hall separately for lunches and dinners for athletes’ comfort, as well as increased the number of staff during the meals.
Galina Popach concluded: "All services of the hotel did their best. We hope the guest will feel comfortable here and have warm memories about their stay in Krasnoyarsk".